Thursday, August 23, 2007

STD's and weddings

I love the term "STD" in wedding speak really though I love the look you get when you say "STD" to someone not in the wedding planning phase of life. This being said, I definately wanted to send out Save the Dates not only so I could use said term but because I love making cards. This process has been many fold for me. I should have sent them out the first time I thought they were "done" but they have undergone two more processes since being finished. Here are pics of the first phase and then of the envelopes, that were an afterthought. I'll post the finished product when I really do send them out The envelopes are stamped with a linoleum block that I hand carved and designed. So amazed by how fun and versatile stamping is. Each part of these has been added on in response to things I've seen online. I need to stop browsing :) What DIY have you done? Once finished did you wish you'd done something different?

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