Friday, September 14, 2007

A picture is worth.....

$24.98! I got a photo printer on sale at Target this week for half price. The ink was included and a few sheets of paper. I also bought another ink cartridge and more paper. So what's this all for? A photobooth! I've loved photography since highschool and considered majoring in it in college so this wedding idea has been at the top of my wish I could have but never could afford list. In the most recent issue of Colorado Brides, there was a DIY version that seemed pretty simple with only a camera and a printer. Now that I've found the printer I am very excited for this little extra and especially with it's low price. My plan: 1)Borrow FMIL's tripod. 2)Designate a button opperator. 3)Set up a fun background. (Papa will surely like to be involved in this step) 4) Click away I think each group will get one copy of the photo and one will be put in a scrapbook. I will also load all of the photos to a website and share the link with all of the guests so that they are welcome to order additional prints. I am thinking we'll print after every five groups and hang the prints on a clothesline, like the ones from an amusement park ride. Can't wait for this fun!

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