Friday, September 14, 2007

A picture is worth.....

$24.98! I got a photo printer on sale at Target this week for half price. The ink was included and a few sheets of paper. I also bought another ink cartridge and more paper. So what's this all for? A photobooth! I've loved photography since highschool and considered majoring in it in college so this wedding idea has been at the top of my wish I could have but never could afford list. In the most recent issue of Colorado Brides, there was a DIY version that seemed pretty simple with only a camera and a printer. Now that I've found the printer I am very excited for this little extra and especially with it's low price. My plan: 1)Borrow FMIL's tripod. 2)Designate a button opperator. 3)Set up a fun background. (Papa will surely like to be involved in this step) 4) Click away I think each group will get one copy of the photo and one will be put in a scrapbook. I will also load all of the photos to a website and share the link with all of the guests so that they are welcome to order additional prints. I am thinking we'll print after every five groups and hang the prints on a clothesline, like the ones from an amusement park ride. Can't wait for this fun!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

STD's and weddings

I love the term "STD" in wedding speak really though I love the look you get when you say "STD" to someone not in the wedding planning phase of life. This being said, I definately wanted to send out Save the Dates not only so I could use said term but because I love making cards. This process has been many fold for me. I should have sent them out the first time I thought they were "done" but they have undergone two more processes since being finished. Here are pics of the first phase and then of the envelopes, that were an afterthought. I'll post the finished product when I really do send them out The envelopes are stamped with a linoleum block that I hand carved and designed. So amazed by how fun and versatile stamping is. Each part of these has been added on in response to things I've seen online. I need to stop browsing :) What DIY have you done? Once finished did you wish you'd done something different?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Something borrowed something.... Pink?

I dyed crinolines and desperately wanted that hint of pink under my dress. But boo my dress does not need one So the next best thing - Pink shoes! I have this idea in my head of pink paisley pumps but can not seem to find anything close. There are however some amazing pink shoes but of course way out of budget- as in more expensive than my dress. Here's what I found so far.... These were only 32.99- not bad Love these but too expensive Christian Lacroix shoes- hint of blue- perfect wedding shoe. But alas the search continues...

Monday, August 13, 2007

God Only knows

So this Beach Boys song has been mentioned lately as a recessional for the bride and groom. Maybe if I had heaerd this song in some place other than the opening of the polygamy themed show "Big Love" I'd feel diffferently about it. It seems to me though that you wouldn't want the first words you hear after being pronounced husband and wife to be "I may not always love you" or "If you should ever leave me Well life would still go on believe me". While the next lines say that life would not be worth living without the other, it seems to almost make a joke of the vows you've just taken. Is this just me?

My First Post!

I'm really not into introductions so I think I'll just jump right in. I have been working on our Save the Dates today. We had done the main part of the card over a month ago but it just seemed to need something more. I made a small insert that states "Mark your calendar!" and then has a sticker with our names and date of the wedding that is the perfect size for a calendar square. Thank you Martha for the idea seen in a past issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. I used solid sticker paper and created the design using PowerPoint and Word. I so wish I had Photoshop on my laptop. Anyhow, more to come on my Save the Dates soon!